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Articles & Essays:

Is it Biblical to be Patriotic?

John Piper and Theological Escapism

“Should Christians Publicly Stand Against Obamacare?
YES! Here Are 7 Reasons Why”

Occupy Wall Street: Biblical or Unbiblical? by Pat Necerato

Are Christians Called to Stand Against Tyranny? by Pat Necerato

The Greatness of the Great Commission. by Dr. Ken Gentry


Inspiring Quotes

Introducing the Athenians to God: Paul’s Failed Apologetic in Acts 17? By Dr. Bruce R. Winters

Open Air Preaching- Spurgeon

Recommend Resources by several Christian leaders and Open Air Preachers

Seven Keys and Practical Advice by Pat Necerato

Live Call: Rusty Lee Thomas: “Can the Gospel Transform Society?”

Live Call: “Operation Freedom” Gospel Proclamation Against Tyranny.”

JeremiahCry 2nd Annual “Go Stand Speak” Evangelism Summit, Friday August 6, 2010

Session 1: Jeff Rose “The Fourfold Purpose of the Gospel”
Session 2: Jon Speed “The Lamb of God”
Session 3: Pastor John Reuther “The Church and the Evangelist Relationship”
Session 4: Mark Spence “Dealing with The Problem of Evil”
Session 5: Eric Holmberg “The Gospel of the Kingdom of God”
Session 6: Dr. James White “The Holiness of God”
Session 7: Pat Necerato “The Idolatry of Street Preaching”

Saturday August 7, 2010

Session 1: Pat Necerato “Prayer”
Session 2: Michael Marcavage “Dealing with the Law”
Session 3: Jon Speed
Session 4: Tyler McNabb
Session 5: Eric Holmberg
Session 6: Mark Spence
Session 7: Dr. James White (coming soon)
Session 8: Jeff Rose

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