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Call to Action (3 of 5) Phil Vollman

March 31st, 2011 | By admin

Here’s part 3 of 5 of Phil Vollman discussing a not so popular side of the Christian’s duty to “go stand and speak” in the political realm. As preachers and pastor’s we must address this issue and get involved. The sins of our nation, particularly of many of our elected government officials, are before the throne of God. We can complain about our government, wars, policies, etc, but what are many Christians doing in the name of spirituality? One word: retreat. Many don’t even vote. The scriptures are clear…as we preach publicly and contemplate the upcoming celebration of “Easter” let us remember the implications of Christ’s resurrection…He’s on the throne. All power is His. He’s ruler of all areas of life and the world. Both physical and spiritual. Just as Satan is not here “physically” yet ministers through his disciples, how much more Jesus (not being here physically) rules His Kingdom from His throne through His followers? This means we must address all areas of life with the redeeming power of the Gospel. No retreat. Let’s storm every angle of the gates. I believe that’s what Phil is getting at in this video series. (If you want to see Part 2 go to my facebook profile. Part 1 is here.)

Rusty Lee Thomas-The Great Commission Explained

March 30th, 2011 | By admin

In this video Rusty explains the context of the Great Commission-Why and where we must preach now, especially at a time such as this in our nation.

Rusty Lee Thomas is the author of the Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual which I highly recommend. I’ve read this book twice and it simply explains the practical action steps Christians must take in order to confront sin, evil and tyranny in our culture. It’s available HERE.

A Call to Action

March 29th, 2011 | By admin

A powerful call to action by Phil Vollman. A must watch for pastor’s and street preachers. (Part 1 of 5)

Street Preacher’s Survival Kit

March 2nd, 2011 | By admin

We just recently added some more products including what I call the “Street Preacher’s Survival Kit”. ¬†6 essential products (in 1 Package) for Street Preacher’s education and training: AGENDA, God’s Law & Society, Abortion Matrix, Amazing Grace: History & Theology of Calvinism and The Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual (Book), Go Stand Speak. Each are also sold individually¬†right here.