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Biblical evangelism conference

June 28th, 2011 | By admin

BIBLICAL EVANGELISM:  From the Pulpit to the Streets…  August 19th through 21st

Christian Soldier’s Ministries Presents a conference on biblical evangelism in and through the church. Hosted by First Baptist Church Newark California

Power of the Word in Evangelism – Friday 3PM – 7PM

“How can we trust the Word of God?”

“Why does the world need the Word of God?”

“How did we get the Word of God?”

Presentation of the Word in Evangelism – Saturday 9AM – 6:30PM

“Power of Presenting the Word to the Church”

“Power of the Word IN the Church” – Sharing Your Faith IN Real Life

“Power of Presenting the Word TO the World”

“Power of Presenting to Islam and Other World Religions”

Open Q&A Panel

Pulpit Power and Presentation of the Word – Sunday 10:30 – Noon; 5:30-7:30PM