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Should Christians Publicly Stand Against Obamacare? YES! Here Are 7 Reasons Why, By Pat Necerato

June 29th, 2012 | By admin


Well, here we are, Christians sitting as frogs in the proverbial pot of boiling water. And now after years of seeing the bubbles, we’re finally starting to believe and feel the heat. Will we finally leap out into the fight, or continue to get cooked in boiling apathy?

Rather than discuss the role of Christians in politics, that all things are inherently religious, when/why we should exercise civil disobedience or debate about theological escapism verses engaging the culture with biblical solutions to the world’s problems, I will instead focus on an area I think we can all agree on (or at least most of us): sinning against God and our obligation to avoid it.

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John Piper and Theological Escapism, By Pat Necerato

June 26th, 2012 | By admin


If there was ever a time for Christ honoring, biblically faithful street preaching, now is the time.

Case in point:

This November, the people of Minnesota will be asked to decide whether the state Constitution should define marriage as being between one man and one woman. This amendment, if passed, would limit the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples in Minnesota. My question to you is…why would a Pastor of one of the largest congregation’s in that state refrain from telling his flock to vote against this legislation?

Answer: It’s not his job. Or so he says.

Here’s a quote from well known Pastor, John Piper on why he did not urge his Minneapolis church congregation to vote “no” against this bill. Piper said to reporters, “Don’t press the organization of the church or her pastors into political activism.”

Piper said during his sermon, posted on Bethlehem Baptist Church’s website. “Expect from your shepherds not that they would rally you behind political candidates or legislative mandates, but they would point you over and over again to God and to his word.”

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The True Nature of the Battle, by Rusty Lee Thomas

June 15th, 2012 | By admin

Rusty Lee Thomas

(Delivered at the Constitution Party’s Texas State Convention last week)

By God’s grace, I’d like to give some opening remarks and then launch into the meat of the message. First, a nation can survive wicked, foolish leaders. It cannot survive a wicked, foolish people who elect them. The Obama Administration is not the root of the problem, but a fruit of the problem. Obama is God’s ex-ray that reveals the wretched state of our nation. The godless public education has taken its toll upon the American mind as Marxism has moved from the class room to the White House. There is a direct connection between our spiritual and moral state and the litany of woe upon the land. Read full article here.

Kirk Cameron’s upcoming visit to Ocean Grove criticized by pro-homosexual advocates

June 7th, 2012 | By admin

kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron’s upcoming visit to Ocean Grove is getting criticized by pro-homosexual advocates calling him someone who is spreading “hate” and “hate speech”.

In March, Kirk told Piers Morgan on his CNN TV show that he believes homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive to many of the foundations of civilization.”

In a recent Asbury Park Press article, it stated that an Ocean Grove-based “human rights” organization now wants the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to disinvite Cameron from two speaking engagements at the Great Auditorium this July.

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Randy Bishop, the mayor of Neptune Township, which Ocean Grove is a part of is also standing against Kirk’s appearance and presentation on biblical values and traditional marriage and it’s importance to the foundation of society. (Randy is an open homosexual.)

If you’re a NJ resident especially, I encourage you to please take a second and write the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in support of biblical marriage and Kirk’s appearance. You can do this at

Please explain to them that being anti same-sex marriage or anti-homosexual is not preaching hate, he’s simply stating that according to the bible, homosexuality is wrong (not to mention exercising free speech).

Also, for a “human rights” organization to claim something is “wrong” or “right” implies some sort of standard to judge by. Their judgment against pro-marriage advocates is biased to a arbitrary standard of morality and not the Christian standard, which is the law of God.

I think anyone would agree that making something that is immoral a human right is unjust and unlawful, to both God and society. Pro-marriage advocates (like Kirk) are simply stating according to the ultimate standard of truth (what God says and not what humans say) homosexuality is immoral and cannot be supported or endorsed by Christians if they want to honor the Word of God.