New Article: “Is it Biblical to be Patriotic?”

September 27th, 2012 | By admin

“Is it Biblical to be Patriotic?” Read it here.

Not sure if you noticed (maybe it’s just me), but lately the topics of “patriotism” and “restoring our nation back to a godly foundation” have been hot within the Christian community.

Typically, when you mention these topics you will hear a variety of responses. A few may call you a nationalist. Others may think you’re a time waster. Some may charge you with being worldly, foolish, unwise or even heretically deceived.

Mention it to others and perhaps be congratulated, patted on the back, encouraged and of even in some circles, be viewed as part of the theologically elite.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, all of these statements beg the following question(s): Historically and theologically, is patriotism and caring about your national identity a godly, worthwhile endeavor? Should Christians be patriotic? Were our founders really Christians and if so, should this inspire us to “restore our nation” back to their original vision?

It’s because of these questions, varying opinions (and misconceptions) that we released the article. Enjoy!

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