New Book: Abortion Violation

March 28th, 2013 | By admin

This is one of the best pro-life books I’ve ever read. It’s by my good friend Rusty Lee Thomas.
It covers everything pertaining to the spiritual, political and ecclesiastical perspective on abortion, and ultimately gives each of us, not only the personal biblical prescription to stand and eliminate abortion, but also the missing "key" to restoring our nation back to it’s godly heritage.

I highly recommend you read this book and pass it on to those in your church and family.

Abortion Violation: America's Premier National Security Issue  

Abortion Violation: America’s Premier National Security Issue
by Rusty Lee Thomas

“Among those of us who have dedicated our lives to fighting the scourge of legalized abortion, it is both natural and healthy that we do not all perceive the battle in the same way. In this book, Rusty gives a perspective that was born from the marriage of theological soundness and frontline activism. He shows us that the path America has chosen runs past shadows where the consequences of evil pace back and forth like hungry tigers. They stare at us and they wait for their moment, and the only question is whether we will turn back before God’s protective patience runs out.”

Mark Crutcher, President, Life Dynamics Incorporated

356 pages – $24.99 (paperback)


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