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“Should Christian’s Obey The Government & Give Up Their Guns?” By Chuck Baldwin

May 24th, 2013 | By admin

Pastor and former Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin discusses how Christians should respond to government tyranny, particularly how it relates to gun control.

The interview starts at 1 hour and 31 minute mark.

Put Your Seatbelt on: The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Guest Speaker Jonathan Cahn

January 29th, 2013 | By admin

The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Guest Speaker Jonathan Cahn

In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful sermons I’ve heard in a long time and I can’t even imagine what the President and his council were thinking as this man preached this message during the prayer breakfast.

The Destructive Influence of Pietism in American Society

January 8th, 2013 | By admin

This is a great article by By Pastor Matt Trewhella, Founder of Missionaries To The Pre-born

Many in American Christianity like to use great swelling words about revival – “a national revival” – as being the only means whereby the ills of our nation will be reversed or cured. But I submit to you that even if there were a great revival in this nation, we would not see any of the change in the hearts of men translated into a change in America’s laws.

The reason there would be no change is because American Christianity is rooted in and wed to pietism. Pietism, as a movement, originated in the late 17th century, and was what some saw as a reaction to the cold orthodoxy that had settled in 150 years after the Reformation started. Pietists viewed Christianity as being prevalent within Western culture, but believed they saw little of it evident in people’s personal lives. Read full article

Election Day Sermon: November 4th, Reading PA – Pat Necerato

October 24th, 2012 | By admin

Pat Necerato will be speaking at the following event:

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“How To Vote Biblical” DVD Available

October 9th, 2012 | By admin

Get this video on DVD for only $4.99.
This is a perfect DVD give away to friends and family before the election. (Save and get a 10 pack.) OR, for FREE to show to your church. Details here.

Evangelists Descend Upon Democratic National Convention to Preach Repentance and Faith in Christ

September 5th, 2012 | By admin

A number of evangelists from across the country have descended upon the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina to reach out to attendees of the…Read more

Obama or Romney? Christians and Convictions at War

August 13th, 2012 | By admin

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Christians nationwide are divided on who to vote for this election season. While they believe that their convictions should guide their voting practices, many have varying opinions on what is the right choice to make this November and what standards should be taken into consideration.

Varying Views

According to Gallup, 54% of Americans who identify as being “very religious” state that they support Mitt Romney, as opposed to 37% who support Barack Obama.

Among those backing Romney include the group Evangelicals for Mitt, which was first launched in 2006. It is comprised of a number of professing evangelical Christians who support the Mormon presidential candidate.