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Charles Hodge on Public Preaching 1882

April 5th, 2010 | By admin

Charles Hodge on public preaching

“In the third place, as we know from Scripture and experience that many single sentences of the word of God contain truth enough to save the soul, and as the Spirit of God does sometimes make one such sentence fasten on the conscience, and from that single germ, by his inward teaching, evolves enough of the system of truth to enable the sinner to receive Christ, to the saving of the soul, it is very natural for us to be anxious to scatter the truth as rapidly and as widely as possible.

And this is a good and sufficient reason why, even in heathen countries, the public proclamation of the gospel should never be neglected, but on the contrary, should be as assiduously employed as possible: we know not but God may give some one truth saving power in some poor sinner’s heart.

Of the seed sown on the wayside, among the rocks or thorns, it is possible that some one grain, here and there, may take root and bring forth fruit. But no harvest is ever raised in that way. Neither has any heathen nation ever been converted by the itinerant proclamation of the gospel.

To raise grain enough to feed our families or to sustain a nation, we must plough and harrow, as well as sow; and to save souls enough to found a church or convert a nation, we must slowly and laboriously indoctrinate the people in the knowledge of the Bible.”

Charles Hodge “Teaching office of the church” 1882