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The Destructive Influence of Pietism in American Society

January 8th, 2013 | By admin

This is a great article by By Pastor Matt Trewhella, Founder of Missionaries To The Pre-born

Many in American Christianity like to use great swelling words about revival – “a national revival” – as being the only means whereby the ills of our nation will be reversed or cured. But I submit to you that even if there were a great revival in this nation, we would not see any of the change in the hearts of men translated into a change in America’s laws.

The reason there would be no change is because American Christianity is rooted in and wed to pietism. Pietism, as a movement, originated in the late 17th century, and was what some saw as a reaction to the cold orthodoxy that had settled in 150 years after the Reformation started. Pietists viewed Christianity as being prevalent within Western culture, but believed they saw little of it evident in people’s personal lives. Read full article

Street Preacher’s Survival Kit

March 2nd, 2011 | By admin

We just recently added some more products including what I call the “Street Preacher’s Survival Kit”.  6 essential products (in 1 Package) for Street Preacher’s education and training: AGENDA, God’s Law & Society, Abortion Matrix, Amazing Grace: History & Theology of Calvinism and The Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual (Book), Go Stand Speak. Each are also sold individually right here.

Go Stand Speak DVD $14.99

January 20th, 2011 | By admin

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Open air preaching: "classical style" i.e, without amplification

April 8th, 2010 | By admin

Classic public preaching

Classic public preaching

“Open-air preaching is sometimes heard from a great distance. It must of course depend much on the character of the speaker’s voice, but also, to a considerable extent, on conditions of the surface and on the hygrometic state of the atmosphere. Mrs Oliphant, in her ” Life of the Rev. Edward Irving,” states that he had been on some occasions clearly heard at a distance of half a mile. It has been alleged, however, that ” Black John Russell” of Kilmarnock, celebrated by Burns in no gracious terms, was heard, though not perhaps intelligibly, at the distance of a full mile. Even this would appear not to be the utmost stretch of the phenomenon. A correspondent of Jameson’s Journal, in 1828, states, that being at the west end of Dunfermline, he overheard part of a sermon then delivering at a tent at Cairneyhill by Dr Black; he did not miss a word, “though the distance must be something about two miles.” That preacher has, perhaps, seldom been surpassed for distinct speaking and a clear voice ; ” and the wind, which was steady and moderate, came in the direction of the sound.”
Jacob Larwood, “The Book of Clerical Antedotes” 1889

Public preacher gets called during the Civil War…snippet from 1877

April 6th, 2010 | By admin

William W. Bennett D.D. Civil War Chaplain, Confederate Army

William W. Bennett D.D. Civil War Chaplain, Confederate Army

In 1877, during the Civil War, a great revival among the Southern Army took place. Rev. W. M. Young gave a testimony: ” I have seen scores of instances in which the reading of tracts had been instrumental in the conversion of souls. Yesterday, going up Main street, I was hailed by a soldier sitting on the pavement, ‘Parson, don’t you know me? Under God I owe everything to you. While languishing in the hospital you gave me a tract, ‘ Christ found at the lamp post,’ which has brought joy and peace to my soul. If God spare me to go home, I expect to devote my life to the public proclamation of the gospel.’”
By William W. Bennett, D.D. Chaplain Confederate Army

Press Release for "Go Stand Speak" Film

March 26th, 2010 | By admin

New Film Reveals the “Not-So-Politically-Correct” and Shocking Truth About Street Preaching — Sneak Peak Just Released

Go Stand Speak Ministries in partnership with The Apologetics Group have announced the release of several previews of their new upcoming “not-so-politically correct” film, “Go. Stand, Speak: The Forgotten Power of the Public Proclamation of the Gospel.” (Previews can be seen for a limited time at “Go. Stand, Speak: The Forgotten Power of the Public Proclamation of the Gospel” is both a documentary on public preaching or “street preaching” as well as an apologetic on how, when, when, where and how to do it in a biblically faithful and Christ-honoring way. The producers took the title in part from Acts 5:5, where the early Christians were told to “go, stand and speak all the words of this life in the temple.”

Read the entire release here