If you’re a street preacher, pastor or evangelist and you would like to become a part of the Locator Map, please answer the questions below and email them to gostandspeak @ (you should have also received an email containing these questions as well.)

Your name:
Your Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number?
Your age:
What Church to You Belong To?
How Long Have You Attended Your Existing Church?
Do You Agree With Our Doctrinal Statement?? If not, please explain difference.
What is Your Facebook Page?
How Long Have You Been Street Preaching?
How Long Have You Been a Christian?
How Often Do You Street Preach?
What is Your Pastor’s Name?
Are You a Pastor or Ministry Leader?
How Would You Describe Your Theology?
Do You Have Any Youtube Videos? If so, please give url’s.
Do You Have a Ministry Website? Please include.
Why Do You Want to Be a Part of This Project?